joelle flumet

The Cube

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During my stay, I’ve been developing 2 projects of sculpture in public
space and published an artist book with Art&Fiction (Geneva) :

„The Cube“ in Plan-les-Ouates (Geneva) will be inaugurated in
September (27.09.12).
Inspired by private hedges commonly found in residential areas, the
sculpture is made of Cuprocyparis leylandii (a kind of Thuja) and
located in a square at the border of the city.
The Cube will evolve slowly and will be cut twice a year, as well as
the others hedges around, to recover again and again its original
Dimensions: H=2 x 4 x 4m
Plants, curbstones, lighting system


Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a new installation „Quality In
Everything We did“ for the exhibition „Durchblicken und Abprallen“
that will take place in K3 in September (8-23.9.12).

Realised in collaboration with Martin Fischer (Metallwerkstatt Gleis
70), I’ve designed a metal lettering for the K3’s facade.
The text, inspired by Ernst&Young’s motto (Quality In Everything We
Do) is conjugate in Past.
This critical work has been made to support the Off-space K3 located
in Züri-West, right in front of the Prime Tower and the new
Ernst&Young headquarter.

Dimensions: 50 x 700 cm
Metal, black painting

5 posters will accompany the project.
Each of them conjugates in Past the motto of one the 5 biggest audit
firms (Deloitte, KPMG, PWC, E&Y, Arthur Andersen).

Artist’s book :
„C’est bon de ne pas regarder à la dépense“, Art&Fiction, Coll.Sonar 2012
200 x 136 mm, 32 pages, B/W