Kamen Stoyanov


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Noise Trial
action in Sofia, September 2013

The work reflects the daily demonstrations in Sofia going on for more than three months untill the moment of the action and the impossibility to achieve a political change. The artist produced a monumental whistle and mounted it on top of his car. By driving the car from the city of Pernik to the centre of Sofia on a highway, the whistle is constantly producing an unidentifiable noise.

During the demonstrations people are using amongst other noise devices whistles in order to emphasize their discontent with the current situation and to struggle for a societal change. The action by Kamen Stoyanov enhances this political gesture into an absurd hypertrophic statement. The artist drove the object into the City Art Gallery, which is just 500 meters from the government house, and exhibited it in a show.

Artist Statement
The movement as a process plays an important role in my practice. The movement
as an intentional act of change of a given condition. Social, urban, cultural
or institutonal one. The movement as an instrument of shaping the space.
My actions happen on the streets or fields or in the art spaces. They are often
reactions and comments on political and social processes or interactions
with the environment. The accidental appears not as a problem but as an impelling
power or force. My work could be seen as hybridizations of the art language
and the bright cultural practises from the so called „outside“ of the art field. I
get inspiration by ordinary daily processes and use them to transform conditions
in which I am. In the specific tension between the artistic-high and the non-artistic
or low, the idea of the absurd, misaligned and strange plays a crucial role.