Natalia Peredvigina and Kirill Agafonov

Natalia Peredvigina and Kirill Agafonov (former Gorod Ustinov)

Natalia Peredvigina and Kirill Agafonov:
In the guest studio Gleis70, artists Natalia Peredvigina and Kirill Agafonov will open a joint “Embassy” and present personal “microterritories” that previously made up Gorod Ustinov. „Embassy“ is a series of meetings / exhibitions where Natalia and Kirill present their works, as well as artifacts of other authors and „microterritories“, offering the public discussion and joint artistic practice. 

„Working at the level of microdiplomacy, we are opening an embassy of our own and close microterritories, interacting with new microterritories of people and places. We propose during the meeting/exhibition to present what supports you, what constitutes the symbolic land on which you live.“

As a point on the map Ustinov does not exist. This was the name of the city of Izhevsk in 1984-1987. In the period 2010-2022, a micro-art-group / collective “microterritory” worked under this name, whose residents were born in 1986 and associated themselves with a place that does not exist, inventing their own space and time.

In continuation of the collective artistic practice, the personal “microterritories” of Natalia Peredvigina and Kirill Agafonov move and exist simultaneously in various locations, participating in Russian and European exhibitions, biennales and festivals of contemporary art. Artifacts of their “microterritories” are in the collection of the MSK Museum of Fine Arts (Ghent, Belgium) and private collections.